No, you don't need to get in shape to do our camp, that's our job and we are here to help you with that.
No we are not going to kill you, we are going to build you up and make you stronger and more active.
Yes and no. This is a great experience to share with a best friend but you will meet new friends and keep them for life.
As soon you change your eating habits, believe in yourself and stay more active. As soon as possible.


Our program includes exercises such as: modern workout, cardiovascular exercise, functional training, strength training, agility drills, plyo-metric exercises, flexibility training, balance training, tire flips, sledge hammer workout, battle ropes and basic core training.
No, we do modern fun exercise routines that gets you in shape in no time at all. You are going to love our workout program!
No, our programs are designed for all fitness levels, and it allows campers to go at their own pace and challenge themselves to the best of their ability.
No, our workouts are never the same and campers should expect different workouts every day.
Camps are set up with schedules of 4, 3 or 2 sessions a week. Sessions are offered Monday through Saturday.
A typical workout lasts for an hour. The outline of activities changes from day to day.

What will I need to know and bring?

All Participants are requested to arrive 10 minutes before the workout starts and must sign-in for each session they attend.
Yes. No participants are allowed into a workout session without signing a waiver or being registered.
Bring big and small towel, 2 full bottles of water, (or more, depending on the weather), and registration forms.
No. We provide all the equipment, you just need to show up.


No need to worry about weather because we never cancel a camp unless there is the possibility of risk reported from a weather advisory. Rain, snow or shine we will be there. At times a class may be relocated to alternate locations if there is any need.

Registration and Refund

All camp registrations must be submitted through our online website or trainer iPad app. Only credit cards and checks made out to fitness bootcamp4u are accepted. No cash allowed.
All transactions are final. No refunds.